• The following document forms as part of our current Health, Safety, Welfare and Hygiene Policy.
    Upon signing below, you are demonstrating your knowledge of what your responsibilities are as
    an employee when it comes to the use, maintenance, repair and safety of knives in the
    workplace. Safe Systems of Work will be rigid and adhered to by the company, its employees and
    others under its control. Safety knives will be provided free of charge to all staff required to use
    such knives and the use of all other knives is banned in the workplace. Maintenance and
    replacement of safety knives, etc. will be the responsibility of the Managing Director. Employees
    and others under the Company’s control have a legal obligation to report any faults in equipment
    or breaches in health and safety arrangements to the HR Team.

    The Company will train all staff in the use of safety knives and the arrangements for replacement
    or repair. The site Manager will undertake the training and ensure that all staff are adequately
    trained and competent before using safety knives and will keep documented records of all
    training received.

    Staff who do not comply with these safety arrangements will be in breach of the Management of
    Health and Safety at Work Regulations and may be disciplined accordingly. Employee’s
    obligations (under MHSWR) that include ‘a duty to use all equipment provided to them for safety
    reasons in the way in which they have been instructed or trained and to report any unsafe
    conditions etc. that the training and information they have been given should reasonably make
    them aware of’.

    Please sign this document upon completion of your initial training session on Knife Use in the
    Workplace from your session trainer.